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Features of program:
- quality detailed animation of each character hiragana calligraphy,
- uttered by pronunciation, transcription of each kana,
- tests for self-examination,

Japanese alphabet named the KANA - hiragana and katakana. It syllabary.
Kana is written in the form of a table containing 11 rows, which contains 46 major characters - the main kana.

Hiragana base

Hiragana - Japanese tutorial

In addition, has 61 syllables, which complements the basic syllables in the form of indices to basic syllables - additional, composite, double kana.

Additional, component, double

Хирагана дополнительная, составная, удвоенная

Also in Japanese writing, there are two variants of the Latin Recording letters - International hepbern Latin and Japanese government Latin, called romaji.

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95,98, XP

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Kanji, hiragana and katakana alphabets, the Latin alphabet - make up a modern system of writing in Japan.

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