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AJT Kanji

Features of program
- animation detailed hieroglyphic calligraphy different levels of complexity,
- decryption and translation of hieroglyphs KUN - OH,
- transcription,
- self-tests,
Иероглифы. Самоучитель японской каллиграфии

The Way of Calligraphy - Syodo, begun in China, has been continued in Japan. Transformed by their culture borrowed a hieroglyph for writing to Japanese native language made ​​considerable progress, partly by changing the hieroglyph, giving them a unique emotional picture.
Brush a few strokes of calligraphy expert can now fix a passing mood, rhyme verse flashed into the minds and in an instant create a decent picture of enlightenment and wisdom, to represent the dance of thought.

Learn Japanese calligraphy of hieroglyph,

With each character for a few words attached. The Japanese word origin is called KUN, Chinese-born was named ON.

They entered the Japanese language as components of words composed of several characters. Such compound words or borrowed from China, or compiled and still are made in Japan from other languages.

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for Windows
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