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In Japanese, there is a large number of words non-Japanese origin. For their writing is primarily used katakana alphabet.

Alphabet Hiragana is used for this purpose very rarely and only as literary reception.

Hieroglyphs in this role is not used.

Signs alphabet Katakana emerged as a result of reduction in statutory hieroglyph writing. They have lost the inherent value of the hieroglyphs and used only as phonetic symbols.

The program AJT Kana includes hiragana and katakana.

Katakana base

Катакана - самоучитель японского языка

In addition, there are 61 syllables, which complements the basic syllables in the form of indices for the main syllables - additional, composite, double kana.

Additional, composite, double

Katakana additional, composite, double

There are a number of syllables with soft consonants. To denote symbols are used for syllables ending in a vowel I, equipped with a slightly smaller subscript characters Ya, Yu, Yo. These syllables are also voiced satisfaction. A similar structure is found in hiragana alphabet.

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